Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Another Worker Bees Theatre Discount

Minnie's Boys opens at 42nd St. Moon on 3/30/05 and runs for three weekends at the Eureka Theatre. The show is the story of the Groucho brothers and their early pre-fame days. Perennial tenor solo favorite Mama, A Rainbow is from this show. Local fave Darlene Popovic is starring as their indomitable mother, Minnie. And yes, I've been waiting for some time to use the word "indomitable" in my blog!

You can get all sorts of scoop about it and the theatre at the 42nd St. Moon blog.

And if you want to buy tickets, you can 20% off all tickets, excluding Sunday matinees, by using the promotion code ONLINE. Promotion only available when ordering via phone at 415-978-2787.

I can't go to the official Opening Night on April 1st (yes April Fool's Day...which seems quit apropos) because I have Sting tickets, so I'll probably go that Sunday because there's a meet-the-cast discussion after the show.

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