Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Will probably have to check out AdTech this year

Having always been on the product side of marketing, I'm not exactly a PR/advertising maven. And I've never been to AdTech.

But my focus on blogging has necessarily driven me more towards the communications part of marketing. Rick Bruner recently posted on the upcoming show in San Francisco and piqued my interest by noting there would be three, count'em three, sessions around the blogs and kindred topics.

To be honest, most of the conference schedule makes my eyes glaze over and my head hurt (although that could just be the massive allergy attack I'm having today...damn you rain and sunshine!!!)

See I'm going to confess that I have the product person's slight disdain for the other side of marketing. I know, I know, it's totally unfair, especially given my usual pleas for kindness and understanding for all marketers. But product marketers see themselves as finding out what customers need and making sure it's delivered to them, and product marketers do often see MarCom types as doing what other functions think all of marketing does: adding artificiality to the process. Reviewing the session descriptions it makes the act of helping to connect customers with solutions to their problems seem so inorganic.

Oh, and the $1000 price tag isn't exactly making me love it either. I know some consultants who spend large portions of their lives going to conferences. I don't know how they manage it time-wise, sanity-wise and money-wise.

So, I'm still pondering...but there are definitely some hooks for me.

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