Saturday, February 19, 2005

This week's Site of the Week

And now for something completely as masterpiece of the American musical theatre.

Often, not always, my Sites of the Week are sites that give you cool things to do on the web, This week's Site of the Week is the web site for my client, Foothill Music Theatre, and my goal in choosing it is to tell you about something cool you can log off an do in the real least if you live in the Bay Area.

Go see Stephen Sondheim's "Sweeney Todd" in the intimate surroundings of client Foothill Music Theatre's Foothill Playhouse.

"Sweeney" is a true masterpiece, with an unbelievable and powerful score. Of all the many, many shows I have seen in my theatre-going life, from Broadway to high school auditoriums, the first time I saw "Sweeney Todd", 25 years ago, still ranks as the best theatrical experience of my life.

Don't miss your chance.

Check out my Site of the Week. and then go buy yourself some tickets.

Have you heard about this unique, new music site?

Indie music lovers and artists all over the world are discovering and recognizing CDs-FROM-THE-ARTIST dot com (CFTA) as the preferred site to use as a single index on the web for pure and rare Indie music.

CFTA is not a site with the largest number artists because it is committed to and will only list the new generation of independent artists with whom fans can interact directly and purchase a CD over the web.

CFTA stands out from the regular crowd of commercial music sites as a unique community based site that is
truly open and free for all. Qualified artists get listed free of charge, while browsing and using the site requires no accounts or passwords.

With unique features like Customer Feedback and manyn community building tools, CFTA offers the new generation of Indie music lovers and artists, the opportunity to realize the power of direct interaction without commissions and a middleman in between, thereby allowing fans to purchase CDs directly from the artist at lower prices.

For future reference, I don't mind people suggesting sites for my site of the week.

But I really prefer an email to a random comment on my blog.

Just email: info at workerbees dot biz
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