Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Some terrific meetings with companies about blogs

Lately I've had lots of interesting and hopefully productive meetings with PR firms and companies trying to decide how exactly to get themselves blogging.

The thing they have in common: they know they want to be there. They know they need to be there. But wisely, they're realizing that how they blog has to meet individual company goals...not some blogging definition dreamed up by bloggers somewhere.

These companies run the gamut from consumer device companies to software companies to non-high tech companies too. It shouldn't be too shocking though. Who would have thought theatre companies would have seen the value of blogs and gone for it as 42nd St. Moon and Foothill Music Theatre have?

Most of what I've been talking about...i can't talk about.

But I'm hoping a lot of new things come together in the near future, and then, don't you worry, I'll be talking your ear off!

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