Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Recap of my Stanford talk from one of the attendees.

One of the fellows, Steven Ketchpel did a quite thorough recap of my presentation to the Reuters Digital Vision Fellowship program at Stanford U. last week.

In fact if you review his entire blog he's been quite faithful about recording the speakers they get, and it's a varied and interesting bunch.

Steven does reference perhaps the biggest unanswered question from the presentation, which was about intellectual property?

Do you own your content if you use a hosted service? Are they obligated to turn it over to you, if they should fold? [Obviously we should all be making back-ups...let me get right on that!] Do you own the comments that people post on your blog, or do they? I don't know the answers. But I think that as an industry we don't really know the answers. As Steven brought up, some of the blog services have in the Service Agreements clauses about owning content. But as I brought up: there's a question over whether that would ever hold up in a court of law if it came right down to it.

I guess I should start following some law blogs, and I may start with this one, since my friend Lisa Stone writes for it.

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