Saturday, February 12, 2005

Marketing Guru Seth Godin's recipe for Success

Seth Godin, he of Purple Cow fame, offers up his 10 ingredients in the recipe for success for an online business.

Some of these rules are pure, unadulterated common sense for any business, any where...from brick & mortar shops, to online, to services, enterprise, to a pure commoditized widget play. Like what?

Like: Keep your promises.

Like: Execution, execution, execution.

Like: Decide what you don't do!

Frankly this last may be my favorite. I have rarely seen companies I've worked with fail because they attempt too is always that they try to do too much.

Maybe a lot of Seth's list will seem obvious to you. But if it's so obvious why do so few companies manage to check off all of the items on the list?

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