Monday, February 14, 2005

Linking is just a new form of networking

I've mentioned the Butts in the Seats Blog before. And he's mentioned me before.

Now he's starting to notice that my links are bringing him some traffic. And the more traffic he gets, from all sources, the more probability someone will find him that needs him.

And that's just a different form of networking. As I said in an earlier post: very few steps in one's life and career path happen in a people vacuum.

But, and here's the point: it also serves to remind us that the links you point to reflect on you.

It would do neither me nor my linkee much good if I drove people to click though to a link that was of no interest whatsoever to them.

At this blog I link to marketing blogs and some arts blogs.

At my Santa Clara County Democratic Party blog, I link to political blogs.

I save the links to more personal "life blogs" for the blog roll over at my Personal Blog.

I want to be considered a source for useful information and connections, not just some random link whore (to be perfectly blunt.)

Maybe it's a little slower way to amass the links, but I think long-term, it's more efficient.

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