Friday, February 11, 2005

Latest offer from a Worker Bees client: Brian Dennehy live and in person!

Brian Dennehy is coming to town, starring for two weeks only in "Trumbo" at the Post Street Theatre in San Francisco.

Dalton Trumbo was an acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter who ended up part of the infamous "Hollywood Ten", blacklisted as a result of the activities of Joseph McCarthy.

"Trumbo" is his story...witty, sharp, incisive...and still plenty relevant. In fact these days "Trumbo" is really a cautionary tale.

The show runs for two weeks only, from March 8th-March 20th.

Go to this special web page to get the promotion code to receive $5 off every ticket (about 10% off) for 7 of the performances. You'll also find the link to the online box office or the phone number if you prefer to speak with a live person.

I'm excited that film icon and Tony-winner Dennehy is going to be in such a cool new play in a relatively small space. I'll see you there Opening Weekend!

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