Saturday, February 19, 2005

The DEFINITION of : getting ahead of oneself

You gotta forgive marketers sometimes. They live by hyperbole sometimes. We're all industry leaders. We are the best, the most, the nth degree. But sometimes it gets a tiny bit laughable.

Like when I read a headline like: "Bye Bye Email?"

Since they're asking the question, I'll just answer it: um, no.

The article is referencing a recent session at the Blog Business Summit where it was suggested that RSS was "rapidly replacing" emails, and that "email marketing is dead."

Yes, I believe this sounds familiar: blogs are murderous creatures responsible for the death of old media, PR, journalism, and now email marketing.

Can I just be a kill-joy and remind everyone that the most up-to-date stats figure that only about 5% of online user use RSS?

I more than agree that email marketing has a lot of challenges...from overzealous spam filters, to lower and lower open rates. But you gotta be crazy if you kill any other marketing tool at this moment in the time-space continuum just because you appreciate the beauty of RSS.

Take a step back, a deep breath and a hard look at transitioning your marketing mix, not replacing it.

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