Monday, February 21, 2005

Creative Customer Communication

There's a little online e-commerce site that could that I'd like to share with you.

It's called CDBaby. I forget how I first came upon them, but they sell CDs from lots of independent artists and labels. I heard about this live special CD that Thomas Dolby recorded in honor of his 40th birthday, and it was only available on CDBaby.

After I bought it they sent me the funniest order confirmation email I have ever received. Oh, how I wish I had it still archived. They described how they lovingly shipped my CD, and called me their new favorite customer ever for whom they had a big party. It went on in that vein and was definitely very amusing. Made me remember them, I can tell you that.

Well, recently I received another email from them, and it goes something like this:

Subject Line: CD Baby Loves Elisa

Email Body:
It's been a long time since our big "Customer of the Year" party at CD Baby. (Remember all that, last time you bought a CD? Oh man,that was fun! Your picture is still on our wall.) Since then, we've added some GREAT new albums I think you'll like:

The rest of it is fairly standard links to various sections of their site. but the point is that it once again drew me to their site.

You should check out CDBaby. They even have a tool to recommend artists that are like artists you enter that you already like.

Check them out, so they'll love you too.

(PS-I am NOT a CDBABY affiliate. I just really find their customer communication style fun and unique.)

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