Thursday, January 20, 2005

A very kind opinion on Worker Bees

Many thanks to Pete from He heard about me from Paul at Radiant Marketing and checked out my site.

He has this to say.


"...this is the way word of mouth marketing should be... Honest buzz about buzzworthy businesses and events."

I appreciate it, and at the same time I'm sad that "buzz" marketing has gotten such a bad name that my business represents a different approach to it that deserves being called out.

When I first started my business I was thinking of a name that called out the term "viral" marketing. People told me that "viral" gave them a lot of bad associations. And I'm talking about average, everyday business people who don't follow "viral" or "buzz" marketing, and weren't even that familiar with the whole bloggy thing. Since those would rank amongst my target customers, I decided there was something to it and went with "buzz" marketing. And when the name Worker Bees came back to me as a company name I had fantasized abut years ago with a colleague, well, the "buzz" choice seemed karmic.

That was before BzzAgent, Mazda, Marqui and the VBMA, and before a whole bunch of a whole bunch of people decided that "buzz" marketers were synonymous with "shills."

Pete's exactly right that I'm trying to create honest buzz. Or give something honest to people for them to buzz about. I hope buzz marketing will shed this "bad apple" image and just return to being another part of the marketing barrel.

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