Monday, January 17, 2005

The Story of Worker Bees Seems to Resonate

Since having my bloggy business profiled both by and, several bloggers have picked up the story and excerpted bits of it on their blogs. Today Paul Chaney from Radiant Marketing has done so today.

I think there are a couple things about the story that people can relate to:

1. It is about networking and relationships. I always tell the story that I was at lunch with a friend when the idea for my business was germinated. And it is that same friend who has connected me with many of my clients. Well, everyone has friends; everyone has a network. You may not be aware of how far your network extends. You may not be aware of how to leverage you network without feeling like a jerk. But you have a network, and you can make the most of it honorably.

2. It is about connecting the dots between the skills you've learned and applied in your working life, and the application of those skills to something you feel passionately about. The fact that I get to blog about something I love, like the arts, is gravy. I always say that you should start out blogging about whatever gets you excited. It will be obvious in your writing, and that writing will attract readers. Applying what you've learned to what you love is rewarding, no doubt about it...and it's probably the fantasy of many people out there. My story just shows them it can be done.

Why do consultancy businesses exist? Because no one has the time or even the inclination to become expert at everything. But for every task you don't want to do or have time to do or feel you're good at, there's someone out there who loves that very thing you're avoiding.

I love blogging. I even love marketing. And I love helping people/organizations get the word out that they're doing something cool. Hence, Worker Bees.

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