Sunday, January 02, 2005

Some of the year's best new online services/sites, according to the Washington Post

Find the list here.

Out of the nine, I've only used three: Gmail, FundRace2004 and JibJab.

Gmail hasn't really won me over. I do use it now when I sign up for new, online registrations. Mostly so I won't clog up my Mail client with the sure-to-ensue spam.

I checked out FundRace 2004 to see who a couple of local executives were donating to, and I, like everyone else, laughed a lot at JibJab's "This Land Is Your Land", and a little less at their follow up.

I've heard of some of the others on the list, Flickr and Skype, most notably. But haven't given them a shot...yet.

How many have you tried/used/heard of?

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