Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ooh, they should be ashamed!

I've spoken for a couple of different EBIG Special Interest Groups, but never for the Sales & Marketing SIG.

I see they have a very interesting topic coming up this Thursday: Get The Word Out: Proven Techniques to Publicize Your Product or Service.

Here are the techniques the presentation agenda promises to cover:

-Make friends with the media
-Write the killer news release
-Take advantage of existing publicity opportunities
-Create new opportunities
-Develop attention-getting visuals
-Plan and evaluate your publicity program

Anyone see what's missing? Anyone? Anyone?

How can you talk about getting the word out and not at least touch on this new-fangled, but ever growing, phenomenon of blogging?

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I'm going to give them the slightest, tiniest benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps blogging is so new they hesitate to attest that it qualifies as a "proven" technique.

But I'm guessing this is the presentation of a traditional PR person who simply hasn't gotten up to speed on the brave new blog world.

Hop to it, PR mavens. My experience indicates that more and more companies are at least going to be asking you about whether they need to blog. You won't get very far with a simple "No" answer.

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