Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Off to another blogging conference

While the Blog Business Summit in Seattle is getting all the buzz right now, I'm heading off bright and early tomorrow morning for Blog University, courtesy of the New Communications Forum.

This conference is also targeted towards those who intend to blog for companies, as opposed to personal bloggers. I imagine the area where i'll pick up some good tips is on the technology side, as opposed to the marketing/communications side.

I'm also curious to see how many of the presenters actually do blog for companies, as opposed to just writing their own marketing/communications/blogging blogs.

At previous blog conferences I've been to the concept of what Worker Bees does has seemed to flummox many people. A lot of people regard doing "business blogging" as a way of describing trying to make money off their blog with advertising or tip jars. Others seem to think it means blogging for the company you already work for.

I like the term "Enterprise Blogging." Just like enterprises need software or security, and they turn to vendors to provide it. They need blogging, and they are going to increasingly turn to vendors to provide it. vendors like Worker Bees. See the difference there?

Or am I just crazy?

Anyway, oddly enough, being a crazy blogger at a blogging conference, I will be without a computer. I can't wait to see the gasps, sneers, and sympathy when the other bloggers see me there taking notes with my notebook...a paper one that is.

How will I survive without email, IM and blogging for two days? I guess I'll have to let you know on Friday.

Your not crazy! I too believe the common discussion on business blogs is off-target - business blogging to me is about employing blogs in support of a company's business purpose. Blogs are not an end, they're a means.

Enjoy the conference!
how do I find out about confrences and conventions aimed at the personal finance (or finance) bloggers?
Hmm. I'm not sure there have been any conference geared specifically to finance bloggers. You could try searching at confabb or upcoming or other such public event-collecting web 2.0-y sites I suppose.

Just out of curiosity: if you were to attend such a conference, what would you want to see happen there...what kinds of sessions etc?

Who knows, we could always do BlogHer Finance!
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