Saturday, January 29, 2005

The New Comm Forum recap is coming

If you're interested in what went on at the Blog University I attended, my recap will be coming soon.

I am still not wholly immersed in the blog mentality, I think. Lots of folks were live blogging the events they sat in. Lots of folks have already posted their thoughts. You can find some of them at Technorati.

Meanwhile, I still take notes on paper (as Jory, one blogger I met, amusingly exposes here

Why? Because I like a little marination time for my thoughts. I don't fancy myself a reporter; I fancy myself a commenter, an analyst. I need to extract the points I feel are significant, and I like to expound on them. I like to have the big picture in mind, to perhaps see the threads that are woven together by the end of the day.

And I like to write that way because I like to read that. If blogs are defined by being someone's informal, conversational relationship you have with the blogger, then where does that voice go when people simply record what happens as it happens?

So my session recaps will be coming. I can only hope they're worth the wait.

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