Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A Little Marketing Humor

David Weinberger expands upon a theme sounded by a recent AP article...dissing marketing-speak. It's an amusing read.

Frankly I must admit to the use of the following marketing-speak words often in my high tech marketing career:

Scalable (always hotly debating the use or non-use of the letter 'e'.)

Functionality (Sadly when I first entered high tech marketing I was well aware that this isn't really a word...that was before I crossed over to the dark side.)

User-friendly (Hell, our gear asked how your day was when you logged on...didn't yours?")

Powerful (You could stack many a free weight on our boxes.)

Interoperable (OK, maybe not brain surgery, but perhaps a collagen lip injection.)

Flexible (Because touching your toes is really hard, you know?)

I'm sure the list could go on if embarrassment didn't stop me here.

What are your favorite meaningless buzz words?

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