Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Last Night's EBIG Presentation

Had a great time presenting to a lively group at the EBIG Blogging/RSS SIG.

But don't take my word for it. There are already a couple of blogger write-ups online:

Eric Rice
Steve Tennant
Peter Chang

Highlights for me:

Eric Rice saying "You're my new hero!" Who wouldn't love that?

Another gentleman (damn, didn't get his card) saying he had been coming to the SIG for a while, but that he had his epiphany moment from my presentation: and understood how the authentic voice of a blog could help the marketer to lower the level of distrust and become closer to their customer.

I was the catalyst for an epiphany! (Quick, I must think of another college vocabulary word to throw into the sentence!)

There were those in the audience who were new to blogging and also long-time bloggers who were simply curious about how someone would relate blogs to a corporate environment. And lots of folks in the audience had a lot to contribute as well. especially on the technical side of it, there were plenty of people there who knew far more than I about how to do certain things with your blog.

I hope I delivered content for any of those people and everyone in between. I think I did.

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