Friday, January 14, 2005

Intersting Article on Enterprise Blogging

Blogging for business is certainly becoming all the rage as a least in the blog community.

There are even two, count'em two, conferences this month alone that are primarily geared toward the concept, the Blog Business Summit, and the New Communications Forum 2005, helpfully subtitled Blog University.

And I am in talks with a variety of businesses, all wondering how to leverage this rapidly growing community known, to the chagrin of some, as the blogosphere.

So, here's an article on the topic, Enterprise Blogging, that is, that's worth a read.

The article basically lists most of the applications for blogging technology that I covered in my recent EBIG presentation on the same topic: internal and external communications, marketing, project management, customer service etc.

The article brings up one very valid point...any organization that gets fully into blogging has to be able to handle the "open-source" grass-roots nature of the tool. If the company is used to everything going through and being controlled by only the very top people, they might not like the more informal nature of the blog...the need for a blog to have an authentic human voice, not a packaged marketing voice.

Some companies might not like that. And you could say that if they're not a consumer-oriented business, then who cares? but every business does ultimately boil down to people (no, not in the Soylent Green kind of way.) And as people get more accustomed to the open, many-to-many environment that is part of not only the blog culture, but the basic online culture, companies who can't operate in that environment will be at a disadvantage.

So say I.

Thanks to ProBlogger for the link.

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