Monday, January 17, 2005

Earthlink starts they get it?

I have to say at first glance I am way impressed that Earthlink has started a blog.

What they're doing right:

Well, they seem to have real people blogging...and real people that sound like real people. Good for them. And they have thus far avoided anything that seems sales-y, which would probably be the quick kiss of death for the blog if they did.

They also provide an RSS feed, which as I've said before, is an absolute must.

They're not allowing comments, which makes them seem just a bit wimpy, don't you think? I mean if the guy over at the GM blog can take comments, why can't the wimpy Earthlink guys?

And I must admit that I am amazed they decided to make the entire blog about online security only. Doesn't that seem a little limited? I guess if their target reading audience are the real gear-heads then they might be able to maintain interest for quite some time. But average folks like me? They'll need to broaden their scope to get me to subscribe to their feed.

I mean I know it's for my own good, but I'm not sure I can take a steady diet of security information. How about you?

heh, earthlink also has a VoIP blog :) updates are rare though, but interesting read nonetheless :)

you do raise good points. I'm sure it's bound to evolve :)
You mean it has an UNOFFICIAL blog about VoIP, right? ;) I checked it out. There certainly is a lot more I can imagine talking about on VoIP for the long-term.

But the dude hasn't updated since November!
heh yeah, it's just an interesting collection of thoughts :) he's behind earthlink's free online calling architecture, it's all SIP-based, and SIP is quite cool. i think the scope of his blog is narrowed-down to earthlink's nascent voip offering, not VoIP as a whole, so there's just so much he can write about. Many people already do blog about VoIP. Meh! :)
Not having comments is a sticky decission. I understand the reasons they would opt not to allow comments however, comments allow for shared experience and community...key aspects of successful blogs.
Well, I think Comments are often only good for appearance's sake. Many blogs don't get tons of comments, and 80% of the comments they do get consist of "I agree with you. You rock" or "You suck."

But the appearance factor of having blogs is worth a lot. You can control the hell out of them if you're really afraid they'll get out of control.
To: Earthlink Corporation
1375 Peach Tree street NE
Atlanta,GA 30309

Re: Account # 7221409
Issues, clossure of account, afterward charges, access charges
for UNLIMITED ACCESS wireless card

To Whom it may concern!

I been customer with Earthlink aprox 3years. Never in my mind will i think
that i will go through emotional stage, to the point where i had to seek
medical assistance over closure of my account and accusations of
abusing account and privilleges. If i have abused privileges then i
did unknownly.. I am a woman in my late 50's
and i am not a child or a hacker, but unfortunately i been
categorized that i am one.I have tried to settle this issue with
customer service as well as wireless dept
and tried to explain that i have used my privileges to
access internet in normal manners as i always did in the past. No one
was willing to listen. Finaly they directed me to corporate office.
When i signed contract 3 years ago i signed contract for
unlimited downloads
and megabytes and that i can stay online all day 24/7/365
There was nowhere in contract stated that i am limited to
kilobytes i am downloading or hours i spend on internet. I was
told that i have boged network and caused other
customers problem and that my account is closed as well i been charged for
excess of usage $100 from my checking account yesterday
february 22nd 2005 and account was closed today february 23rd at
3pm est. I be willing to disclose all my info from my laptop to
specialist for examenation if neccessary including my laptop
that card was operating on.
I am asking Could it be faulty card? Could it be that i was in the area
for last 3 months that earthlink dodnt have signals
(which i beleive was a problem)
so it was using someone elses towers and crossed signals somehow
caused this problem? Could it be i was singled out for no reason just
because earthlink feels i am using to much
time on internet at their expence? Could it be that Earthlink now realize that
accounts like mine are liabilities more then assets to earthlink?
All of those questions need to be answered.....and what i am willing to do
is following:
Trying to resolve this issue within a Earthlink corporate offices before i
will seek legal help outside Earthlink. Would you please be so kind to
investigate what has happen to my account and why?
If this issue is not resolved within Earthlink corporate offices,
i will be forced to contact, Attorney general, FCC, BBB,
Consumer Affairs, Hot action news
local TV station as well post a BLOG on internet about Earthlinks illegal
practices such as this
on usage.Obvisouly this is not case in my case.
Buyers be AWARE of using EARTHLINK
At one time i was in favor of earthlink and introduce it to many of my friends,
i regret i did
I will contact my bank tomorrow to remove charges from my account and disclose
copy of the contract i signed with earthlink 3 years ago. There will be no charges
for excess usage as that is not stated in my contract. And BTW what will i do
with a crad that i paid $399 dollars 3 years that card is only for usage
with earthlink? is that how earthlink is screwing general public?

One very unhappy customer
Bianca Thomas
My name is Debra Thomas and I just moved to Atlanta. Somehow my name and telephone number is being used for Earthlink and they continue to send me messages on my phone. I tried several times to tell them I have no internet service or computer. And they are trying to stick me with a $79.00 bill for Earthlink.
Beware of the so called Customer Service they don't do their job.
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