Thursday, December 09, 2004

A Rave Letter to the Editor about my last Metro column

This one, about my 12/1/04 column, is so amazing that I'm not going to just give you the link, I'm just going to re-print the Letter here...and I swear I do NOT know this person!:

Viva Veggie!
I would like to commend Metro for its excellent column, Silicon Veggie. This is a column that I have really enjoyed and appreciated, especially this month's article "A Christmas Tale" (Dec. 1st.) I have found Ms. Camahort's columns to be entertaining, informative and reflective. This month's was a nice reminder to everyone, vegetarian and omnivore, the the holiday spirit of loving and caring should be carried over into every day's activities and our general lifestyles.

Thank you again for the wonderful; publication and this exceptional column. Please keep it coming!
Angela Obeso, San Jose

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