Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Pet Peeve on Copywriting: Headline Questions That Remain Unanswered

Maybe it's just me. But don't you hate it when someone's headline is a question, and then the entire article doesn't really attempt to answer that question?

My case in point today, an AdWeek column:

Blogs: Fad or Marketing Medium of the Future?

I'll save you from actually having to read it:

1. Some companies have blogs and like it.

2. Some companies/individuals have gotten in a bit of trouble with their blog.

Feel enlightened?

Nowhere does the article comment on the headline question...will blogs endure?

But I will (of course.)

Blogging, yes, I'll say it again, is a tool. The tool will endure and be leveraged by any number of smart companies. Will "blogs" look the same two years from now that they look now?

Sure, some will.

And some will look different.

There will be corporate blogs, and project management blogs, and diary blogs, and Op-Ed blogs and journalistic blogs and PR blogs. Their content, purpose and target audience will vary, but their shared attributes will remain:

1. Immediate and Dynamic

2. Interactive

3. Informal

Wow, I feel like a broken record.

But at least I answered their damn headline question!

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