Thursday, December 09, 2004

Good advice on getting your email read

Saw this little email pet peeve list on one of the political bloggers I read and thought it was relevant to us here at the Worker Bees blog.

Now some of these are blogger specific, like not suggesting a link for publication that is already there on the blog...shows you're not paying attention...and it happens to me all the time.

But some of them align quite nicely with my own pet peeves.

My pet peeve #1 from the list: lack of context.
People send a link, an article, a newsletter and don't tell me what's relevant or interesting about it. I'm not a big fan of reading things onscreen to begin with, so the likelihood I'll make it through some long missive if i don't know what the pay-off is? Pretty slim.

No subject lines are bad, as is sending a mail with an attachment, but forgetting to attach the attachment. (But I'm sure we've all hit the 'Send' button a little too quickly on occasion.)

Now these are all good pet peeves.

But then there is a whole other topic: getting your email through to the intended recipient, so he has a chance to read or reject it at all.

Making it through the gauntlet that is the spam filtering agents for both ISPs and email clients.

Tough one. No BCCs, avoiding certain words, not too many recipients etc. etc.

I'll try to find a good article about that topic to share.

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