Thursday, December 23, 2004

Cool idea...IF I can really USE the memory stick.

I have an Audi. I love it. It's a zippy little A4, with a 3.0 litre quattro engine, vroom vroom.

I also loved my Audi sales guy. He was the only sales guy at any of the mid-luxury dealers, from Lexus to BMW to Acura to Jaguar to Mercedes, who didn't look askance at my requirement to not have a leather interior.

The other guys were full of dire predictions about having to order from the factory and waiting 8 weeks, or they didn't offer a non-leather option at all. My Audi guy just went to work finding a car, eventually in Sacto, that met my specifications.

So, I'm a little biased toward Audi. And now they have a Marketing idea that, if they executed it properly, sounds pretty cool.

They're sending select customers from their database USB memory sticks with a brief Audi commercial on it.

Now, here's my question: after viewing their silly little ad, will people be able to use the memory stick?

Cause these little USB drives are all the rage. Anyone who doesn't have one is definitely so not hip, and Audi will be doing a true service to their customer database if they help them become oh, so hip.

Now, if they're just sending out USB drives that you view once (if at all) then toss...that's whack.

But, if they're sending it out and letting you continue to carry it around, using it, with their Audi logo somewhere prominently displayed of course? That's simply fabu.

I must know.

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