Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Client gets the value of consistency in customer relations!

I have been happily blogging away for 42nd St. Moon for the last several months.

Their current show, which starts previews tomorrow, is "Once Upon a Mattress." And it is starring an actual theatre celebrity, Ms. Lea Delaria. She's a diverse performer...a comedian, a chanteuse, a Broadway star...and no less important to this San Francisco audience, a queer icon.

Consequently the show is selling out, without doing any online advertising, without offering any great promotions.

So, the instinct of the Managing Director's instinct was not to offer any blog reader discount, as we had done for the prior two shows. She didn't need to.

I made a pitch that to build a loyal, faithful blog readership over time, and to convert every reader into an audience member regularly, you had to offer consistency. They had to feel that they got some inside benefit from following the theatre on a daily basis. "limit the offer" I said, "but make an offer."

And, unlike some clients I had in the past, she got it, and she agreed.

Now, it is limited.

Tomorrow only, from 11am -6pm, blog readers can call the box office and order tickets for any regular weekday performance for only $20.

That's right, you have a 7 hour window to get your discount.

But, hey, I calendared it this weekend when Sting tickets went on sale, and ordered at 10:01 am to get the seats I wanted. And in the theatre world, Lea DeLaria is just a little like a rock star.

The point is: if you read 42nd St. Moon's blog you truly have inside access...not just to what's going on behind the scenes, but to offers no one else is getting.

A client who understands the long-term strategy of building customer loyalty?

I like it.

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