Tuesday, November 23, 2004

UPDATED: Blogger For Hire on eBay

This is fascinating.

A blogger I know, and a pretty well-known one with lots of traffic, is auctioning 3 months of his blogging consultant skills on eBay.

You can see the auction here:
eBay Blogger Auction.

I've exchanged comments and email with this blogger recently, but have never met him. He has a very entrepreneurial spirit, and like me has been forging a career based on doing what he really enjoys.

The eBay concept seems really odd. I can't imagine he gets much action there (watch me be totally wrong) but I do imagine that creating the auction is a great blogger publicity stunt.

Look at me, I'm blogging about it the minute I heard about it. Why would I post alerting you to some guy who basically offers the same blogging consultancy services that I do? Because even I simply can't resist starting a conversation about this idea.

And that ingenuity and unique, buzzable approach might just get him the clients he's looking for.

Given that it's free to post on eBay and that the auction is creating free word of mouth, it could be an excellent marketing tactic. I'll have to check back in and let you know how he does!

UPDATE: Said well-known blogger informs me that he invested $70 to get "higher-visibility" eBay placement. Still, can't call that a huge investment...let's see how it turns out :)

Item has been removed from eBay ?!
I don't think this is odd. People sell services on eBay all the time. I've BOUGHT services (logo design)

I wonder why it got removed?
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I have sold services on ebay before also. I was never removed. I still happen to sell them today.
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