Tuesday, November 30, 2004

TiVo (a truly addictive technology) Catching Some Flack

About a week ago I wrote over on my Personal Blog about a controversy being manufactured and spread by bloggers over a new TiVo "feature."

I agree that superimposing a banner ad on screen while fast forwarding through ads is not a feature for TiVo users.

But it is a feature for TiVo's other customers, the advertisers and content producers.

And I think it's a relatively small price for my eyes to pay to ensure that the company behind one of my two favorite technology possessions (the other being my iPod) stays in business.

I explained all the reasons I thought this was no big deal in my aforementioned post.

And I'm happy to see that Adfreak agrees.

But Steve Rubel thinks TiVo needs to respond to "save themselves."

What do you think?

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