Saturday, November 27, 2004

Some Blogosphere Stats

The latest numbers are out on many, who's creating them.

Nothing too surprising:

1. They're getting hotter.

2. It's still a fairly "young" pasttime.

3. And a very small number get really huge readership, but a large percentage of Internet users (~11%) now read at least some blog content regularly.)

What's your take-away. Look, the only people who should care about getting millions of blog hits per month are the major blegomaniacs out there...who track hits and links like notches on their PC-post...or major consumer brands trying to do something viral, even if they don't know why.

You, Mr. Small Business Man, or Ms. Corporate Communications Director, or Non-Profit Managing Director, you should care about getting a message out in an efficient, interactive and immediate way to your target. And if that target is your top 10 donors, or a desired 20 new clients, or a few dozen feet-on-the-street sales engineers working for your company or your channels, that's OK.

Blogging is a tool. I'll say it again and again. Use it.

Oh, and Worker Bees can help you figure out how to use it, you know, as a side note.

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