Saturday, October 23, 2004

When Companies Let Their Customers Influence Them!

I went to Beverages & More on Thursday, buying way too many beverages for a little gathering I had last night.

And while there, I noticed with some surprise, that their store sign now says BevMo! Their URL is also

BevMo has been a nickname for Beverages & More for nigh on a decade I would's been at least 6 years since I first heard it...I know that.

But I think it's completely unusual for a store to acknowledge that their customers have this nickname and turn it into the name they use. I might add that not all BevMo customers use that moniker. I've met plenty of people who've never heard mostly seems to be power users who plan a lot of events who use it.

Anyway, I found that really fascinating.

And I'm waiting for Target to change their store name officially to 'Tar-zhay'!

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