Friday, October 15, 2004

Blogging Doesn't Have To Be a Conversation?

Over at the Corproate Blogging Blog, Frederik opines that blogging does not necessarily have to be a conversation. In other words: just because your blog doesn't allow comments it doesn't mean it is automatically a lesser blog.

I have to agree. I think certain kinds of blogs beg for commentary...political blogs, for example. That doesn't even mean that the comments add much to the regular reader. Mostly it means the commenters enjoy the experience more when they feel involved, and therefore come back often.

But on many blogs, not just my own, I don't see a lot of commentary. And on the blogs where I do see it, I often don't go read it.

The truth is I read a blog because I've discovered I like the blogger, not the blog's readers. If you're using the blog to reach out and communicate to your audience, that may very likely suffice.

Blogs have matured past being some online and possibly interactive diary. They have become a media and marketing tool. The potential for interactivity is cool, but to my mind, not required.

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