Friday, October 22, 2004

Another Worker Bees Discount

42nd St. Moon's 'Can-Can' has two more weekends, but we've already moved on to the next show, from a marketing perspective.

This show sounds fascinating. It's called "Hooray For What", and it's really one of those lost gems. It required a lot of restoration work, but more than that, its theme sounds incredibly relevant to today.

It was written in 1937 as the world was on the brink of war, and it's a wildly farcical indictment of war and war profiteering. How they take such serious subjects and make them wildly farcical is the mystery that can only be solved by seeing it. You can learn a lot more about the show's fascinating history at the 42nd St. Moon blog:

Meanwhile, the discount:

Unlike with Can-Can, 42nd St. Moon heeded my advice to offer a discount for every performance, except their Sunday matinees (which are nearly sold out via subscribers already.) Cherrypicking particular performances to discount makes the customer think too hard, and makes the marketing message to cluttered.

It is still a little complicated because the there are really two discount levels: All seats $12 for some of the performances, and all seats $20 for the rest of the performances.

But, definitely a better deal for customers, as it gives real flexibility in choosing when to see the show.

You can get the discount details right here.

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