Tuesday, September 28, 2004

OK: Back to Publicity Photos

I asked you to look at two publicity stills and tell me what they made you feel and what kind of audience you thought they might pull in.

My immediate reaction on seeing the first shot, with "wacky, old man" pose, is that you're are not going to get a single person under 40 to see your show with that shot.

Tuesdays With Morrie was a very popular book. I bought it and read it. And I'm sure many other folks my age and younger did too.

But that shot makes it look like you'll be in for some bad sitcom-level humor all night long.

Meanwhile the poster show focuses on the young guy that Morrie influences, and has a more poignant, wistful feeling.

And from my memories of the book, it was much more about that kind of feeling then about watching a wacky old man be wacky.

But what do YOU think?

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