Monday, September 27, 2004

A New Favorite Blog: Good Read; GREAT Marketing

I saw Zach Braff's writing/directorial movie debut, 'Garden State', this weekend. (Review here.

I really liked the movie, and I remembered that some weeks ago someone had pointed out to me that Braff had guessed it...his very own blog. I went back and checked it out and discovered that it is a charming and personable place to visit when you have a few moments to read someone's mundane, but charming thoughts.

Here's what makes it Worker Bees-worthy. It has become an awesome marketing tool for Braff. He has uncovered a nearly fanatical fan base. Every post he makes gets tons of comments, usually in the hundreds, but a few have gone into 4 figures. If you're not a regular blog reader let me just say that that is A LOT. Even some political blogs I read with quite high readership don't get that kind of response.

Why is that significant. Why isn't just readership enough? Because Braff is creating people who aren't just fans, but fans who feel like they have a relationship with Braff and whatever he does. I'm willing to bet these fans will buy his DVD, will go see his movie, will watch his TV show And not only that...they'll click through and buy the Songs of the Day that he recommends; they'll buy Garden State's soundtrack. I've already done both.

All because they know he cares about his fan base. He reads their comments. He appreciates their business. Sounds like the basics of good customer maintenance and marketing to me.

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