Friday, September 03, 2004

Discount to Great Theatre for Worker Bees Readers

A new promotion is up and running for Worker Bees customers:

See "A Couple of Blaguards", a rollicking Irish comedy from noted authors Frank & Malachy McCourt. (Frank wrote Pulitzer Prize winning "Angela's Ashes" and the sequel "Tis", while Malachy wrote "A Monk Swimming.")

The show will be playing at the Post Street Theatre in San Francisco (Union Square area.)

The producers are offering online folks $10 off every ticket for the following performances:

Wed,-Fri. at 8PM and Sat.-Sun. at 2PM.

The show goes into Previews September 20th and plays through October 17th (for now.) Obviously they're hoping it's a big hit and extends. And if it does I hear a rumor that Malachy himself may come take over the role of, well, Malachy.

Here's the URL for more info:

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