Monday, August 09, 2004

Young Men: Watching TV? On the Internet? Watching TV Again?

It's getting a little confusing tracking the behavior of the young, male Homo Sapiens.

A study released last year made news because it claimed that young men were abandoning the TV in droves, preferring to spend their times online or playing video games. This was not so good for television advertisers. The bright spot of news was that the numbers showed that young men were also getting out of the house a little more.

Now, the latest Nielsen figures indicate that the young men are back!

This is heartening for TV advertisers, and less so for online advertisers. But mostly it throws into question how much market research is really worth. Just see my earlier entry on the huge gulf between to research firms on a single and apparently simple statistic.

I don't have the answer. So I tend to go by results I can personally track and tabulate.

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