Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Want To Immerse Yourself in the World O' Blogs?

You might want to consider attending BloggerCon III.

I did not attend BloggerCon I or II, but I'm definitely signed up for this one. How can I resist? It's in Palo Alto.

They don't have a Program up on the site yet. My hope is that the branch out beyond talking about cool techno-features, like RSS feeds and where those are going or blog aggregators and how they're the "next Google." Given the way Google had to slash their IPO price today, perhaps people will stop referring to everything as the next Google.

I'd like to talk more about the segmentation of blogging. There are different reasons and motivations to blog; there are different applications for blogs.

The future of blogs will expand beyond political punditry, online navel gazing and personal publishing. The opportunity to generate business and even revenue from blogs will be more than just selling ad space.

If I am incorrect about that one, then the blogosphere will contract as quickly as it has expanded, and all of the companies who have staked their time, money and reputations on building a richer infrastructure for blogs will be the next little bubble.

Hey Dave! I hear you're still looking for people to be on you can tell by this post...I'm an active blogger AND opinionated. Call me :)

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