Thursday, July 22, 2004

Off to the First Annual BlogOn Conference Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first ever BlogOn Conference. I only somewhat facetiously call it the "first annual' in the title. Given how hot the topic of blogging has become, I fully expect events such as these to become common.

I'll be gone at an ungodly hour in the morning, drive up to Berkeley with a fellow blogger and then stay up there for a dinner.

The Agenda is fairly interesting, although I must say it looks to be mostly speakers who are all about the infrastructure of blogging, as opposed to a bunch of high profile bloggers themselves.

I hope it doesn't become another conversation about social networking or social capital.

I am most interested in finding out about other folks like me, who see blogging as a great way for any business or organization to broaden and deepen their reach and relationship with existing and prospective customers, audience members, donors etc.

If I were really cool I would have figured out how to use the new MoBlogging (that's Mobile Blogging) features of my blogging software and post entries from my cell phone.

But honestly, that does seem a little obsessive to me!

I'll check in after the conference and let you know if any brilliant new ideas were floated that are right up Worker Bees' (and our clients') alley,

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