Monday, July 19, 2004

New Icons on my Home Page

If you check out my home page you'll note new icons, both for the three customer segments I serve and the icon for the link to my customer testimonials. These are a big improvement over the icons I had before, which my web designer and I had basically found on the web and then modified.

These are the work of a friend of mine who does graphics for a living. I told him what I liked about one of the icons I had, and he took it from there. I simply provided him with the color palette my web designer and I had come up with for the site (as I also did for my logo designer.)

The great thing is that both this icon design work and my logo design work were part of a kind of barter arrangement with each artist. So, never underestimate the value of 1) networking...and that includes meeting more than just people who can give you projects and 2) suggesting creative solutions for payment for services. Never hurts to ask.

The icons were designed by Flashlight Graphics, and I'll be adding his site to my Cross-Pollination section this week.

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