Friday, July 30, 2004

Interesting tidbit from BlogOn...

Software developers take note...

At the recent BlogOn Conference, one of the panels featured some folks from (hold your hisses) Microsoft.

Actually they've created quite the innovative Blogosphere where their engineers and Microsoft developers can interact and communicate.

Anyway, at one point the guy said: "So how many of you use Internet Explorer?" with that confident, I'm-gonna-see-every-hand-shoot-up look.

And in this crowd of several hundred folks, a handful of hands were raised.

He was clearly shocked, and the audience was too. Folks are using Safari, Mozilla, FireFox and so on. And avoiding IE.

Now, you can say this was a crowd of the geekiest of the geeks, and some portion of the room were uber-geeks. But I also think developers of internet apps better take note. In this one area Microsoft's mediocre offering my NOT dominate for long.

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