Thursday, July 22, 2004

Another Sideline for Worker Bees

I think it's a sign of the (slightly better) times that lots of people I know in the Valley are finally feeling that it might be worth it to start looking for a different job.

Any company who hasn't worried about employee retention during the slow, miserable down times will be sorry as times pick up.

I suppose it's a natural extension of writing and marketing to create any individual's ultimate written marketing tool: their resume.

Lately I have had several colleagues request my services to help them write compelling resumes. It's actually a fun job when it's not about you!

And when you look at the first bullet from the Worker Bees mission stated on the home page:

-You need to deliver a compelling message to your prospective customer

Well, then it makes perfect sense. What is a resume, but the compelling message you're trying to deliver to your prospective customer, your prospective new employer?

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