Monday, June 21, 2004

More info on LIFT

I promised an update after my first training, so here it is. The training really reminded me of my days as a Weight Watchers leader (a part of my life history not typically captured on my CV.)


Well, both organizations provide high-quality, well-researched workshop materials written by subject matter experts. But they get people who have LIVED it to deliver the workshops. And they focus on creating an interactive and safe environment for everyone in each workshop. I liked a term used in the training last week: individualized coaching in a group setting.

I didn't realize until the training the number of workshops being made available right from the get-go. There are 3 tracks, 'Self', 'Professional' (with both a career and a small business sub-track) and 'Financial.' And there are about 8 different workshop options within each of the tracks. That's a lot of choice. LIFT is starting in Mountain View (their initial South Bay location) on July 12th. I think I am going to be leading a Communications-focused workshop, and I'm not sure which other ones.

Some other details I learned at the training:

- Most workshops run from 3 to 6 weeks, and the 1st week of any workshop is free! So, that's a great way to see the style and methodology for nothing. (Don't you worry, I'll post my workshop details when I get them.)

- You can take as many of the various available workshops as you like per month for your $39 monthly fee.

- There are additional benefits for members, like guest speaker events and special sessions with multiple coaches and smaller groups of members.

- You can optionally sign on for one-on-one coaching (for an additional cost.)

It's a pretty impressive program, and I hope to be able to mentor people the way that I have been mentored in my career.

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