Monday, November 16, 2015

Parodying Female-Friendly Advertising? Consider the Alternative.

Disclosure: I am clearly ‪#‎biased‬ because not only was BlogHer a mission-based FOR-profit, but we were obviously heavily advertising and sponsorship supported. As is SheKnows Media, our parent company now.

Now, with that said: I love this oped on by Samantha Skey.

I too both laughed and cringed at the "Jane Street" parody of ‪#‎Femvertising‬.

I understand the gripes behind the satire, no doubt. But I also got a little annoyed.


So given the above truths, wouldn't you prefer advertisers TRY to do a better job. TRY to employ women talent? TRY to bust stereotypes? TRY to empower AND entertain WHILE they, yes, gasp, horrors!, market something?

I would. Every time.

The alternative is much much worse.

Demand continuous improvement? Yes.
Call out points of hypocrisy? Reasonable.
But. Shut companies down completely when they attempt to do good while doing business? I think it's short-sighted.

You keep doing you Dove, Always, Cheerios, Wells Fargo, and all you other brands exhibiting your corporate ethos via #Femvertising...and other CSR programs.

I'm here for it!

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