Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm speaking at the 92nd Street Y, with a panel of accomplished women

If you're a New Yorker, or ever have been one, the 92nd Street Y is pretty much iconic.

It's where smart people go talk and smart people listen. You could probably say it's the ultimate intelligentsia destination, and since I'm someone who actually values academics, scholars, artists, and the intelligentsia, the Y is a big deal.

And I'm going to represent BlogHer and moderate a panel of accomplished women there this February 16th.

I know, right? I'm pretty stoked, to use one of the least intellectual words in my vocabulary.

If you check out the link, you'll see the line-up is STELLAR:

  • Sarah Brokaw, who was amazing at BlogHer this summer, and is author of an inspiring manifesto for women, Fortytude
  • Ree Drummond, she of Pioneer Woman fame (and NYT bestselling author)
  • Kathryn Finney, aka The Budget Fashionista
  • Karen Amster Young and Pam Godwin, the daring women behind
Ree and Kathryn were among our inaugural BlogHer Pathfinders at our inaugural Pathfinder Day, helping women see their path towards creating their own media "empire".

This panel will be all about the risks and rewards that we face when forging new paths. The common threads of self-expression, challenging one's self, and passing along the knowledge and wisdom we pick up along the way, weave through all of their stories, and I'm looking forward to bringing that to the 92nd Street Y's stage in February.

I can giveaway a complimentary pair of tickets, so if you're a New Yorker (or close enough) and share what question you'd most like me to ask these panelists, I'll pick a winner at random.

Come on, make my job easier: What do you want to know?

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I'd like to ask these ladies what made each of them take the leap of faith to forge ahead and try something new and different.
Good question Jeanette...that's question #1 almost!!
I'd like to know what these women were doing before. Was writing/blogging a career change or has it always been their thing? If it was a career change, how did they determine it was the right change to make?
Ah, Kami, that is one of my questions too...did they always know they had a voice, did they consider themselves a Writer with a capital W?
Great panel! I would ask what they would tell their "newbie blogger self" now that they are experienced. As in, if I knew then, what I know now...
Oh, nice one, Cate!
As a New Yorker, I can appreciate your love for the talks at the 92nd Street Y and your excitement to be representing BlogHer with this panel of inspiring women.

I would love to know what risks and challenges they are faced with today as the publishing and media spheres are ever evolving? How do they know when to forge ahead when there are so many unknowns? Thanks!
Great question Julai. It is such a rapidly evolving, dare I say volatile, industry environment now, isn't it?
Hi Elisa! My question is: When forging a new path (especially as a young woman) what's more important to consider: passion, ambition, and talent or a safety net of financial stability and a back up plan? Do you keep your day job and start a "quitting fund" for your dream, or should you find a small attic apartment in NYC on Craig's List, pack a bag and let yourself shine the way you know you can?
Hi Sabrina! That's such a good question. My personal take is that being wise with your money buys you freedom later when you want to try something crazy. I could just up and quit my excellent corporate job back in 2003 because I had 2 years of take-home pay in the bank and a mortgage that was reasonable, not beyond my means.

But if you're young and haven't had a chance to save up that nest egg yet...what to do?

I would love to know more about the women's goals for the future--how can they keep dreaming even after reaching some of their bigger goals?

Looking forward to the panel!
What was the tipping point where you decided you would blog as a full timer?

OK, I used to generate a winner of the pair of complimentary tickets, and Helene, your number came up!

I'll try to find an email on your blog to let you know.

Thanks everyone.
Oh, I used to live right by the Y - too bad I'm not in NY anymore. :-( I would have loved to have attended.
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