Monday, August 22, 2011

Tory Johnson's got it right!

In her latest newsletter Tory Johnson, business and media diva, talks about her vacation, and about not 100% unplugging. And she describes it like this:

Many of you emailed to tell me to stop working. But the truth is, I'd rather cut back than cut off. Not being connected and in touch is more stressful than reducing my work and doing what's needed from a distance.

That's me. That's exactly how I feel. Do I always balance it exactly right? Probably not. But I'd rather stay in touch than totally unplug too.

Of course I wrote about this on BlogHer last year, with me taking the "stay in touch" side and partner Lisa Stone talking about her radical form of unplugging. (Radical to me, that is.)

I just wanted to share that somebody out there sees my side, and doesn't think it's just a sign of rampant workaholism.

What do you think?

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You mean someone besides ME sees your side? Because I'm so with you. So, so with you. And Tory.

I also think there may be more of us out there who just feel silenced by those people who constantly tell us we are doing it wrong because we don't unplug. ;-)
That's true Denise. Not only do you see my side. You hate my Email Bankruptcy approach (even though, you know, I never really DO delete those emails...I just file them). And I think you're right...we're the silent majority I bet!!

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