Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My immediate, gut reaction to the news about Steve Jobs

As posted on Google+:

I'm really sad about Steve Jobs. Sad because of what I assume it means. Sad for him and his family. Sad for the rest of us, almost all of whom have benefitted from his genius, even if you aren't a Macolyte like me. (I converted pretty late myself, at the age of 39.)

Sad because, while I believe Apple will survive and continue to thrive, Jobs is an inspirational and iconic figure in the Valley...a symbol of the great come-back, the wronged entrepreneur who proved the others wrong, a symbol of rewarding risk-taking and genius, not only bottom-line thinking. Is everything he symbolizes accurately describe or define everything he is? Well, most of us can never know.

But symbols are about meaning, not pure facts. Sigh.

I also want to share this post from TechCrunch: The End of an Era.

As I said on Twitter, it's not often that TC features beautiful writing. And I don't think I ever remember it making me cry. That post does.

We're also collecting reactions over at BlogHer.

And finally, Anil Dash posted a provocative post about Jobs, his background and his business acumen last week. It's relevant, perhaps surprising, and a good homage.

I'm hoping for the best for Jobs and his family. What else can we do?

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I had the same reaction he was a real inspiration for me
It has been a great disappointment hearing this news and really sad to hear the genius is taking his hats off
Nice one. Some reaction crossed-out my mind.
Steve Jobs was an amazing man... I think the future of Apple especially the Iphone, Ipod and Ipad will siffer greatly... I hear he left plans for the next generation but i have my doubts they will be followed properly
what man he is..!!
he is the really inspiration for all.
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