Saturday, October 30, 2010

One week free preview week of Blogging Masters Telesummit

Last month I was interviewed as one of 13 participants in something called The Blogging Masters Telesummit. We talked about BlogHer, blogging, building online community...we talked about a lot actually!

For one week you can listen to any of the interviews for free at this URL.

Here are all the other participants and their topics:

  • Denise Wakeman – “The Viral Blogging System: 4 Simple Ways To Multiply Your Blog Content And Spread Your Message Virally Throughout The Web”

  • Gideon Shalwick - “The 7-Step Video Blogging Blueprint That Helps You Dominate The Search Engines, Drives Massive Traffic To Your Blogs, And Positions You As The Industry Expert”

  • Jack Humphrey - “How To Become A Local Business Celebrity Through The Power Of Blogging That Attracts All The New Clients, Sales And Partners You Can Handle”

  • Regina Smola - “How To Secure Your Blogs From Hackers, Spammers, And Viruses That Will Save You Time, Money And Maybe Even Your Business”

  • Barry Chandler – “How To Use The Power Of Blogging To Quickly Go From Being An Unknown In Your Industry To The Go-To Authority That Everyone Wants to Partner With”

  • Chris Cree – “The Beehive Method: The New Media Marketing System That Gets New Clients And Prospects Buzzing About You And Swarming To Your Business”

  • Vinil Ramdev – “How To Quickly And Easily Dominate Your Niche By Creating An ‘Authority Blog’ Without Needing A Big List, A Big Name Or A Big Social Media Following”

  • Erik Deckers – “The Ghostblogging Method: How To Outsource Your Blogging To Others In Order To Save Time, Get More Clients, And Build Your Blogging Empire”

  • Kary Rogney – “The Tribe Syndication Method That Builds An Extremely Powerful Blog Following And Drives Massive Amounts Of Traffic To Your Websites”

  • Bill McRea – “The 5 Step Autoblogging System That Quickly Multiplies Your Blog Marketing Empire And Makes You Money On Autopilot”

  • Matt Trainer - “The Autoblogging Blueprint: A Proven Step-By-Step Blogging Strategy To Making $1 Million Per Month In The Next 180 Days”

  • Rich Brooks - “How To Quickly And Easily Turn A Boring Business Blog Into A Powerful Lead Generation Machine That Brings You A Flood Of Highly-Qualified Prospects Like Clockwork.”

  • So, if you're interested in improving and amplifying your business blogging, take advantage of the free week to listen to all these folks. After next week, the sessions will be available for sale only.


    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    The Anita Borg Institute is hiring

    I've been on the Board of Advisors for the Anita Borg Institute since early 2009, I believe, and I'm proud to be associated with another group whose mission is so well-aligned with BlogHer's: To create opportunities for women. In Anita Borg's case, they're focused on women in technology. And they have strong ties to the corporate and academic worlds.

    The Institute is now hiring three key positions, and each of the jobs sounds pretty exciting. It's great to know the org is growing, even in this tough economy, so if any of these jobs sound like they're up your alley, I hope you'll go for it!

    Marketing Manager, email if interested.

    Manager, Research and Executive Programs, email if interested.

    Development Director, email if interested.

    Good luck, and maybe we'll be working together soon :)

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    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Come join me in Seattle?

    So, I'm going to Seattle in a few weeks to speak at a Ladies Who launch event there. Full info on the event is here.

    I really like Seattle, although as per usual, I probably won't get that much opportunity to tool around.

    I know I'll know one other speaker there, Lissa Rankin. If you attended BlogHer '10, you may have a very clear memory of Lissa making the word "vagina" a rallying cry. If you didn't attend BlogHer and have no idea what I'm talking about, you can watch Lissa's reading at this year's Community Keynote.

    But I don't know if I'll know anyone else...and y'all know I'm a closet introvert right?

    So, if any of you think a few days of inspiration that feeds your entrepreneurial aspirations sounds like heaven, join me in Seattle. I even have a discount code! Get $100 off the $395 price by using the code: LWL 100

    Will I see you there?


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