Sunday, April 04, 2010

Some fun speaking gigs coming up

I have a couple of fun speaking gigs this a new, first-time event, and one a stalwart that's having its sixth year, just like BlogHer.

I leave on the 9th for BlogPaws in Columbus, OH. A first-time conference, run by long-time bloggy friend Yvonne DiVita , among others, I'm really looking forward to sharing a different kind of story at BlogPaws. Few people know that actually one of the very earliest awakenings I had to the transformational power of online community was because of my geriatric cats. When they each grew ill, I turned to the Internet and found not just support, but information. While my first geriatric cat had a pretty short illness before dying, her sister Samantha lived for four years with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) and died at the age of 20! It would never have been possible without the education and support I found online.

The later in April, I'm speaking at my third or fourth New Comm Forum. I'll be doing a new presentation about the new media business model, and how there can be one in a world where everyone creates media. At least, it will be a new presentation once I create it...Yikes! NCF has a rich history for me, since I met BlogHer co-founder Jory Des Jardins at the very first NCF in 2005.

As a speaker I have a few good discounts to share.

1. There's a $500 off "Friend of a Speaker" discount code of NCF500. That brings the full conference fee down to $995. You can register here for that.

2. They are also now offering a One Day Pass option for Wednesday April 21st at just $395. Use the code: NCF1D

I'm speaking on Thursday, BTW, so I prefer you take option #1! :)

There are also a couple of no-host meet-up receptions post-conference, so if you want to learn more about the Society for New Communications Rsearch (of which I'm a Founding Fellow...I love saying that) then you might want to check these out too:
Tuesday evening at the San Mateo Marriott
Thursday evening, also at the Marriott

I'll be at Tuesday's meet-up.

So, will I see you here? There? Everywhere?

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