Thursday, December 17, 2009

Presenting on Women and Social Media on Capitol Hill and at the White House

You can read all about the adventures Erin Kotecki Vest and I had in DC yesterday, but you can also see exactly the slides that we presented...first to Republican communications and new media staffers, then to Senior Advisor to the President, Valerie Jarrett and members of her team and the White House new media team:

Of course, the slides don't tell the stories. The stories women tell about how political issues impact their day to day lives. But as we told these political teams yesterday: There's a whole world of voters outside the political blogosphere and its partisan echo chambers (which I know well after my years as a political blogger). Those voters wouldn't self-identify as "political bloggers", but every time they talk about food safety or the H1N1 vaccine or the economy or how their health insurance coverage was taken away or how to reduce your carbon footprint...they're talking politics. The politics of every day life.

BlogHer is listening, and we're evangelizing to both sides of the aisle to listen too.

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