Saturday, February 14, 2009

In case Jane isn't enough for you, BTW...

NewYorkology has a list of other Broadway shows that are blogging or otherwise participating in social media.

See, my Worker Bees business (originally started to help arts and non-profit organizations leverage blogging etc.) was totally ahead of its time!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BlogHer's latest initiative: BlogHer BackTalk...a videoblog

Today BlogHer launched a new project, the BlogHer BackTalk™ videoblog.Lisa introduced the concept the other day in this post. Today the first show is live, focused on when you...and everyone you know from your past...and even your kids...get in on the social networking craze. In other words: Will you friends "friend" you on Facebook?

Featuring Erin Kotecki Vest, Chris Jordan, Kelly Wickham and Lindsay Ferrier, the first episode is fun, particularly an interview with Linsday's teenage daughter about how she had ot think twice about friending Lindsay!

There's also a guest appearance by Liz Thompson from This Full House. We're hoping folks will submit their own little video clips and that many more guest appearances are on their way!

So, check it out, and welcome to BlogHer Backtalk!

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