Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm a little behind, but here's some key info abut BlogHer '09

You know that dream where you're running really fast, but never get to the end of the hallway? That's me and my to-do list.

So, some of this news is a bit old, but, in case you haven't heard:

We announced the dates and location for BlogHer '09.

It's July 23-25 in Chicago, IL, and you can learn all about why we chose Chicago at the link above. In addition, you'll learn that day one, July 23rd, is actually the third annual BlogHer Business Conference, newly compressed and re-scheduled to coincide with the two-day annual conference on July 24-25.

Subsequent to our big announcement, hotel reservations became available to make, and then finally: We opened registration for both conferences. Early bird pricing is in effect until 02/28/08.

Next steps: We'll be announcing the skeleton schedule for the conference on 12/15/08.

As you all may know, this is our fifth anniversary conference, and we've sold out each of our previous four conferences (plus our two previous Business conferences.) I mean, no pressure or anything.

So, will I see you in Chicago?

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